Finding Inspiration at Shakespeare's Globe

My very first post!

It’s nearly 3 years since I visited London for the very first time back in December 2016. Of course, a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe was a must. While I was waiting for the tour to begin I wandered around and discovered this costume. Just look at it!


It’s the dress Marion Cotillard wore when she played Lady Macbeth in the 2015 movie:


It was hard to pull myself away when I saw it, and I stood in front of the display for a long time just gazing at the dress! It was so inspiring!

I remember thinking in that moment that people who study acting here in the UK must be so happy because they can see inspiring things like this any time they like. I really wanted the same thing…

And now, here I am here in London and I can see it anytime I want.

How great is that!

Shakespeare Globe Tour.jpg