A little more about me…

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First of all, thank you for visiting my website. I’m a South Korean actor, based in London, having moved here from Japan… I figure that deserves a little more information! Who exactly is Yona Totten?

From modelling… to acting… to TV…

I started modelling as a teenager, but after my first taste of acting I knew that was what I wanted to do, so I decided to study at Dongduck University, which boasts a huge number of celebrity alumni.

Although I wanted to act, when an audition came up for KBS (Korea’s equivalent of the BBC) soon after I graduated I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss.

That was the beginning of a successful career as a reporter and presenter. I was lucky to work with amazing people, travel all over South Korea and beyond, and I was learning the whole time.

You can learn a lot about acting working on TV, especially on live broadcasts. You are constantly observing and listening, focused on your goal for the program and ready to improvise at any moment if something doesn’t go as planned.

And back again…

I was in a fantastic place in my career… but I missed acting.

So, I headed off to United Performers’ Studio in Tokyo to study method acting in both Japanese and English - because who doesn’t love a challenge!

It was hard work and required a lot of patience, but eventually I landed a small role in a feature film and then a role as a struggling young mother in a extended promotion video.

As is always the way, those first steps led to more opportunities and I got to enjoy being murdered in Takeshi Sone’s creepy and not-so-subtle Ghost Mask: Scar, which was shown at Frightfest UK among other festivals, and work with the hugely talented and popular young music duo, Skypeace.

The acting bug was truly back with a vengeance!

So, when the opportunity came up to relocate to the UK it felt just like a repeat of my KBS audition - a chance that just has to be grabbed with both hands.

And here I am! I’m so looking forward to meeting like-minded artists and creators, sharing our passions and ideas, and maybe discovering a little more about this person “Yona Totten” myself!